Stake your ATOM on the Cosmos network with us

Block rewards are paid to validators and delegators in newly issued (inflationary) ATOMs as an incentive for staking. The target stake rate for Cosmos is 66% of the total ATOM supply. At genesis, the initial inflation rate will be 7%. However, the rate will fluctuate around the target stake rate of 66% such that if the total bonded stake is less than 66% of the total ATOM supply, the inflation rate will increase until it reaches a maximum of 20%, and if the total bonded stake exceeds 66% of the ATOM supply, the inflation rate will decrease until it reaches the 7% floor.

Once you own Atoms, you can participate in securing the network and earn rewards by staking them. A list of validators, their terms, and other information will be available on the blockchain. Presumably, most wallets and other websites will also make this information available in their interfaces. to participate, you need to send a special type of transaction to the network and the protocol will then automatically assign (bond) your tokens to the validator you specified, increasing their voting power in the consensus process. From that point on your tokens are locked and associated to that validator’s consensus votes.

Join us by delegating to: cosmosvaloper1p650epkdwj0jte6sjc3ep0n3wz6jc9ehh8jutg
You can claim your reward at any time. We are not in control of your rewards. In the most wallets like in there is a "Staking" Tab with a withdraw button. You can withdraw a specific amount or your total rewards.